About Doug Hough Homes Construction

Doug Hough was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1954. He is the son of Al and Pauline Hough.  Even at an
early age, Doug knew what it took to be a good builder.  He grew up watching his father build homes and his
mother sell real estate.  He was taught to do everything hands on, and raised to believe if you can’t build a
house with your own hands you don’t need to be a builder.

In 1977, A.D.D. Homes was started under the direction of his father Al, Doug and his brother.  Over the
following years they built several hundred homes in the surrounding areas in Washington County, covering a
100 mile radius.

In 1992, Doug started Doug Hough Homes Construction and has built over 100 homes since then.  Most all of
the plumbing in every home is done by Doug and his son Corey who are licensed plumbers.  Sons Corey and
Brandon grew up in the construction business and began their hands on work as young teenagers following in
their father’s footsteps.  Corey continues to build with Doug while Brandon now runs the cabinet shop.

Over the years, Doug has built many variations of homes; starting with 1,100 square feet all the way up to an  
7,000 square foot home.  These houses may have basements, be multilevel, or split levels.

So, take a look at our beautiful homes and the detail put into everyone, to make it one of a kind!
Come on in...
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